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Audacious x Princess Huck V

Grey Purebred 2014 Mare



Congratulations to Jennifer Oliver of California.

Jennifer reports to us her joy in owning Princess Audacious:


"Audie is an angel. We have been working on basics, mostly in the arena. She is so smart, and level headed, and curious, I just adore her. We will start with shows next season, I will enter a bunch of different classes to see what we like. Her face is starting to turn white, but she is mostly still gray all over. Everyone at the barn tells me she is the prettiest girl there".


Our thanks to Angela Alvarez of Varian Arabians for her assistance in this sale.



This young mare is confidant that the world is her oyster. And with parents like hers I guess she's right. 


Audacious is growing up out on the big pastures, gaining knowledge of how to get along with the other horses, how to be athletic enough to maneuver all of those long legs and feet thru a pasture filled with sagebrush, prairie dog holes, and creeks full of running water. No better way for a horse to grow up.


She'll be tall, grey, and lovely, with correct legs, great conformation, and an outlook that will carry you into the winners' circle of any show.


Private Treaty

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