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Jullyen el Jamaal x Khantina Girl V


Versatile, beautiful, elegant... Kachina is making quite a name for herself in the show ring. In training at The Burkman Centre where they've trained her to the highest levels... she's phenomenal. She's been shown successfully in Hunter, English Side Saddle and Western Side Saddle by Cynthia Burkman and Natalie Jones. They love and spoil her, which makes us all very happy. They train Kachina AND they train Bobbi Stuckenhoff to ride and show her, and man, have they done a great job!


• U.S. National Res. Champion Hunter Pleasure AOTR

• Scottsdale Champion Hunter Pleasure AOTR

• Region 2 Champion Hunter Pleasure AOTR

• National Top Ten Western Pleasure Junior Horse

• National Top Ten English Side Saddle


She has babies on the ground via embryo transfer and being carried to term. We will offering an opportunity to buy embryo from Kachina in the spring of 2019. Please call us for more information.

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